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Grupa III




RODZINA: daddy, mummy, sister, brother, baby, family

LICZBY: one, two, three, four, five, six: How many …?

KOLORY: blue, red, green, yellow, pink, purple


ZWIERZĘTA: cat, kangaroo, duck, owl

POLECENIA: stand up, sit down, clap your hands, hands up/ down, make a circle, make a train, dance, walk, come here,  listen to me, turn around, story time for you and me, stop, point to,

PYTANIA: How many can you see?, Where is he?, Is he under/ in/ on, behind …?, What’s your favourite colour?, What’s missing?

STORY (U 1): Who’s this?, Are you my daddy? No, I’m not your mummy., I’m your …, Careful



ZABAWKI: car, dolly, drum, trumpet, telephone,  plane, train, teddy, ball, robot, kite, scooter, boat, yo-yo, tractor

ZWIERZĘTA: cat, dog, snake, rabbit, tiger, spider, zebra, fish, duck, frog, lion, turtle, elephant, parrot, crocodile

ŚWIĘTA: Christmas tree, present, Santa Claus, bell, cracker, star, stocking,

Odgłosy zabawek: Brm! –boat, Beep! – robot, Whirr! – plane,Toot! – trumpet, Rat-a-tat! – drum, Ring! – phone

Odgłosy zwierząt: Snap – crocodile, Squawk – parrot, Eeee – monkey, Ssss – snake, Grrr – tiger, Roar - tiger

Zwroty: Play a drum, Be a plane, Play the trumpet, Pick up the phone, Play with the boat, A crocodile goes like this, We wish you a merry Christmas, This is the way we open our presents

STORY (UNIT 2, 7): Give me the boat, Stop that noise, It’s for you, What’s this?, It’s a tiger, a tiger goes like this, It’s a cat on the scooter



NASTROJE: sad, happy, angry, cold, hot, thirsty, hungry

CZĘŚCI CIAŁA: face, feet, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, tummy, leg, head, hand, arm, fingers,

Zwroty: Touch your ears, Comb your hair, Wash your face, Open your mouth, Close your eyes, Stamp your feet, Pat your tummy, Shake your head, Wave your fingers, what colour is the hair?, What colour are the eyes? Are you happy?, I’m sad

Carnival: Let’s all make a funny mask, We’re so happy, Time to join the Carnival

Birthdays: How many candles on the cake?, How many candles does that make?, It’s Cookie’s birthday today, Let’s all say Happy birthday, How old are you?

Story (Unit 3): Once upon a time there was a monster, Look at his big red eyes, Look at his big green ears, Look at his long purple hair, What’s that noise?, Help!



UBRANIA: trousers, socks, shoes, jacket, hat, umbrella, T-shirt

POGODA: cold, hot, windy, sunny, cloudy, snowy, stormy, rainy

Zwroty pogoda: It’s sunny and hot, , What do we do when the weather’s rainy/ cold/ hot/ sunny/ windy?, What’s the weather like today? Is it sunny?, It’s windy

Zwroty ubrania: Put on your hat/ T-shirt/ swimsuit/ jacket, Put up your umbrella, Put your socks on your feet,

Story: It’s sunny, Where’s my hat?, Here it is, Now shut the door, Where are my shoes?, Here they are, Where’s my swimsuit?, Here it is



JEDZENIE: pizza, hamburger, cheese, chips, spaghetti, yoghurt, chocolate, ice cream, bananas, pear, apples, orange, lemon, cake,  sandwiches, cherries, melon, chicken, milkshake

INSTRUMENTY: guitar, trumpet, saxophone, piano, violin, drum

Zwroty: Melon, Yum! Yum!, Melon for our picnic, Do you like cherries?, Yes, I do, No,  don’t hungry, What is yellow? I can see a melon, I can play the piano, What can you play?, Can you play the guitar?,

Story: Lulu, What have we got for our picnic?, We’ve got sandwiches, Yum! Yum! Sandwiches, What else have we got for our picnic?, We’ve got yoghurt, Yum! Yum! Sandwiches and yoghurt, Oh, Cookie, we’re hungry, Sorry!



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